How’s your website working for you? What about your content marketing efforts?

Are they communicating your company benefits and delivering qualified sales leads and happy customers, or lackluster results?

If your audience is not responding, it could be because your message is not persuasive or they feel it doesn’t apply to them. Most marketers and business owners know the importance of getting your unique message out to the right audience, but it’s not always easy. If your efforts are not turning into sales, you might want to bring a professional copywriter into the mix.

So what does a professional copywriter do? Copywriters are marketing writers; they write copy for print advertisements, websites, online content like blogs and articles, and web, radio and TV ads. Today, copywriting is an essential element of effective online marketing. Good copy can help you get more followers on social media, reach the audience that needs your products and services, and boost your sales.

How Copywriting Works

A good copywriter knows how to communicate a concise and compelling sales message to your audience. Whether you’re selling t-shirts to teenagers or pickups to their parents, a copywriter addresses each audience’s needs and desires in a creative way.

Copywriters use attention-getting headlines, compelling stories, persuasive language and calls to action to tell your company’s story, create an emotional connection and convince people to respond. Customers who respond are then ready to enter the sales process—and that’s a good thing, right?

Copy + Design = Results
Even the best copywriting can’t stand on its own. It needs great design to help grab attention and reinforce the message. Great copy will be ignored if the design is off-target (and vice-versa).

5 Good Reasons to Hire a Copywriter

  1. Copywriters can write well. Copywriters write interesting, compelling content—and they know all the grammar rules, too.
  2. A copywriter can do the jobs you have no time for. Business owners often don’t have the time to write blog posts, articles, white papers and press releases—but they’re essential to marketing.
  3. Copywriters are objective. A copywriter can cut through the emotional connection you have with your product or service, and clearly communicate its benefits to the customer.
  4. A copywriter can boost your conversion rates. Good copy tells the reader why they need your product or service, and why they should choose your company. And it asks for the sale with a persuasive call to action that answers the question, “Why do I need you now?”
  5. Copywriters tell good stories. Your brand has a unique story that would connect with your audience, if only you knew how to tell it. Your brand also has a unique voice that your audience will respond to. Copywriters can weave your story through all of your content marketing, keeping it real by making the voice consistent.

Now that you know what a copywriter does, take the next step and find out how our professional copywriting services can improve your marketing communications—and boost your business.

Gary Thompson
Owner, OnMerit Marketing

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