Technology just keeps getting better, making everyday work tasks easier and more effective. Touch-based tablet computers are leading the way, as businesses increasingly adopt them for staff use.

With iPads, sales teams can deliver more personalized presentations, and introduce customers to product lines and services like never before—with or without WiFi access.

iPad presentations drive sales for businesses of all sizes. You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to look as professional and polished as one. Whether your sales team is five, 10 or 50 people, we can help you put a powerful, engaging, digital sales presentation into their hands.

Should you be considering iPads for sales presentations?
Let’s take a look at the benefits of iPad sales presentations and some of the industries that have closed more sales and seen significant ROI by utilizing them.

Benefits of iPad Presentations

  • Sales staff has access to the latest information, because presentations are easily updated and delivered to their iPads.
  • Marketing controls the brand, content and message. No more individual presentations, stretched-out logos or unauthorized changes to the sales pitch! This is often important for legal compliance, as well.
  • Access to complete product and service lines eliminates the awkward “I don’t know” moment, while creating cross-selling opportunities.
  • No WiFi needed! Once the presentation is downloaded to the iPad, it can be viewed anywhere, anytime.
  • A professional, interactive digital sales presentation covers all selling points in a quick and interesting way, keeping the customer engaged while respecting his or her time.
  • The impression an iPad creates will not only raise a client’s perception of your company, but will also make your sales reps look good and feel more empowered—an instant confidence booster.
  • Design interactive presentations with a variety of tools, including Responsive Website Design, Apple Keynote, Adobe InDesign-to-PDF and more.

Industries Using iPad Presentations Successfully

  • Real estate – Agents can take all their properties along on apartment, condo, single-family home or commercial real estate tours. Access to your best content without the need for WiFi builds confidence and trust.
  • Retail – Educate and excite customers when they’re most likely to buy—in your store. Boost ticket sales and customer satisfaction with clear, impactful presentations on the items they’re interested in.
  • Tourism – Bring an exciting educational experience to tourists at visitor’s centers, chamber offices or local points of interest. Collect valuable visitor data via online contact and/or email subscription forms.
  • Insurance – Give sales reps access to compliant materials, with guaranteed brand consistency.
  • Education – Benefit from seamless delivery of updated documents and educational content throughout your facility, on multiple devices.
  • Corporate sales and marketing – Create and deliver impactful presentations that sell, while strengthening your brand. Great presentations generate excitement and conversations that lead to higher sales.

It’s easier and more affordable than you think!
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Gary Thompson
Owner, OnMerit Marketing

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