Experience Design

Real engagement with every touch.

Design. Develop. Deploy. Any screen–anywhere in the world.

For educating your audience, demonstrating a product or engaging a customer in your sales presentation, interactive experience design is the way to go. We can help you decide what content you need and how best to present it to really wow your audience and help grow your business.

Interactive experiences can be deployed on screens of all sizes—from iPads to large TV walls. Touch screen capability draws in your audience and gives them control over the experience, so they’re creating memory points of your brand with every touch.

And you’ll get the data you need to learn more about user interests and market to them in the future.

We’ve helped clients in real estate, tourism, the arts, retail and sales with stunning, informative presentations that take their brand to a whole new level.

And we can help you, too. Ready to learn more? Shoot us an email or give us a call.

Ideal Business Uses

  • Digital signage
  • Corporate presentations
  • Product demonstrations
  • Real estate
  • Sales teams
  • Tourism
  • Tradeshows
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Museums

Flexible Technology

  • Build and play on any touch device
  • Design for single or multiple display including Walls, Kiosks and Tablets
  • Plays on Windows, iPad, Android, Chrome, Samsung SMART, webOS
  • Track everything, collect and send data to improve marketing efforts
  • Deploy globally to single or multiple devices
  • Connect to any API and external business logic

Dynamic & Fun Experiences

  • All media is interactive: videos, photos, objects
  • On-screen drawing and annotation
  • Motion gesturing, interact without touching screen
  • Display social media feeds
  • Access Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
  • Touch text-to-speech for accessibility
  • RFID, NFC and other tag readers
  • Easily share content via email