The Power of Email Newsletters

If there’s one thing that the vast majority of marketing experts agree on, it’s that your business needs an email newsletter that regularly goes out to your subscribers. The power of email newsletters can’t be disputed as it’s proven time and time again by marketing statistics.

It’s estimated that email marketing yields a 3800% return on investment, which translates to $38 for every dollar invested. This makes email marketing one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your audience.

Email newsletters have many benefits, but as far as marketing strategies go, what makes them so appealing is that they’re an inexpensive and relatively easy way to share information with your audience.

Now, you may be thinking that social media is where you should be focusing more of your marketing efforts and dollars, but the issue that arises with social media is lack of control. Reaching people via social media depends on whether or not they’re following your business page or account, and your posts are subject to whatever algorithms the platform has. This means that there’s no guarantee your social media posts will actually be seen by your audience.

Email, on the other hand, is targeted. The people you’re reaching have already shown interest in your business by signing up for your email list, so you have the opportunity to tailor the information to the people who will be receiving it.

What is an email newsletter?

An email newsletter is an email that occurs at a set frequency (weekly, biweekly, monthly) that shares information. The primary purpose of an email newsletter isn’t to sell but to engage your audience and share valuable information relevant to the subscriber.

Depending on what type of business you’re running, the actual content can vary. Whether you’re sharing information about company news and upcoming events or doing a roundup of content that your subscribers may find helpful, the key to an effective email newsletter is that the information you’re providing is compelling to the person reading it.

Here are four reasons you should consider setting up an email newsletter for your business.

#1: Establish an Ongoing Connection and Stay Top of Mind

Newsletters are an easy and effective way to stay in touch with your existing client base. According to Statista, 44% of people check their email anywhere between one and three times a day, which means you have the opportunity to keep in touch on a regular basis in a way that they will actually notice.

The idea here is that you want your business stay top of mind. You want people to think about your business at a time when they might not and for your business to be the first one they think of when they are in need of a product or service. By sending them a newsletter at a regular frequency, you’re giving them a gentle nudge to remind them you’re there when you need them.

Email newsletters also offer you the chance to provide some personalized content, and if there’s one thing consumers love, it’s feeling that the places they do business with really know who they are. You can recognize milestones, send targeted offers specifically based on their needs, or give them a heads up on upcoming events that may be of interest to them.

Despite the perception that people don’t like getting what they consider to be promotional emails, research actually shows that people want to hear from businesses they patronize and trust — as long as it’s not an overwhelming amount of spam coming into their inbox all the time.

Your customers want to hear from you, so an email newsletter is a perfect platform to keep that ongoing connection with them.

#2. Build Authority by Sharing Your Wins

Customers do business with companies or organizations that they know, like, and trust, which means they need to feel confident that your business ticks those boxes.

One of the best ways you can establish authority and credibility is by sharing what your business has been doing and highlighting your successes. By sharing projects that have gone well, you’re actually showing them that you can deliver on what they’re looking for. You’re demonstrating that you have the knowledge they need which makes them more likely to seek you out in the future.

Email newsletters enable you to give your audience both useful content on a regular basis as well as solidify you as the expert they need.

The secret here is to ensure you’re sharing value and not filling their inbox with tons of promotional material and sales attempts. By showing them your business wins and attaching a lesson to them, you’re paving the way to a stronger relationship. In time, that can translate into future sales because you’ve already established that you have the solutions they need and can deliver results.

#3. Introduce New Products and Services

Your email newsletter is NOT the place for a hard sell, but that doesn’t mean you can’t share information on products and services.

When introducing new products and services, you want to focus on how they address the needs of your audience. By sharing how your new products or services can bring value to them, you’re creating positive feelings. You’re showing them that their needs are a priority for your business, and this helps build a stronger relationship with your audience.

Remember, not everyone on your subscriber list will have purchased from you before, so your email newsletter is the perfect place to introduce them to your products and services in a helpful manner.

#4. Create a Warm Lead List for Follow-ups Using Content Links

Often times when people aren’t ready to buy, they’ll sign up for an email newsletter. They’re looking for more information about your business or your products and services but they want it without the pressure of a conversation. Email is noninvasive which is why it appeals to people who are still in the consideration phase with your organization.

By including website links in your email newsletter and then using reporting features, you’ll be able to see who clicked on each specific link and may, therefore, be a potential warm lead.

Additionally, your email newsletter provides a way to nurture these leads in a slow and inexpensive way that won’t turn potential customers off. Nobody likes a pushy salesperson, so this method means you can take it nice and easy with your relationship building by keeping them engaged.

As far as what type of content links you want to include, look at things like blog content, white papers, customer testimonials, or even company news.

No matter what your goals are for your email newsletters, remember, consistency is key. You want your subscribers to get used to hearing from you and feel confident that the content you provide is both interesting and informative. Over time, your relationships will continue to grow, and this will translate to your bottom line over the long term. This is why the power of email newsletters can’t be underestimated.

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